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Nausea so soon??

Hi ladies!!  I'm 5 weeks 3 days and this is baby no. 2 for me.  Today I started feeling nauseous ALREADY.  I don't remember getting morning sickness so early in my last pregnancy.  Anyone else get nausea this early?

Re: Nausea so soon??

  • I got nauseous really early with some of my pregnancies, and then 2 of them it was close to 9 weeks before I really had any nausea.
  • I was very nauseated 8dpo when I turned a test so yeah it can happen lol.
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  • Yeah. I’ve had nausea since about 7 or 8 dpo. DH thinks I’m wrong about my O date because I feel so pregnant and I didn’t with our first. 


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  • Nausea can kick in as soon as your hormones start to fluctuate. Everyone reacts differently; the same person can react differently each pregnancy.  
  • It hit me at 6 weeks with my first and about 5 weeks with my second. 
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