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WTF Wednesday

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Hi All, 
I didn't see a TW Tuesday or WTF Wednesday and one of my favorite parts of the BMBs is getting to vent so...

Our DD's babysitter whom we love like one of the family was going through a hard time. She quit her full time with benefits job and then found out she was expecting a baby with her long distance bf. We've been reaching out offering support (we would have let her stay with us rent free while she got back on her feet), but yesterday I saw ON FACEBOOK that she moved to another state to live with her bf. No goodbye, no response to texts or calls, didn't say goodbye to my daughter who has adored her for more than a year, nothing. We depended on her to pick up our daughter from daycare and bring her home and now I'm having to use vacation time to leave early every day to go pick her up while desperately searching for a replacement. Add to this, her younger sister was supposed to take over and I haven't been able to get a hold of her for a week either. We're interviewing someone this weekend but this entire month has been nothing but childcare drama and nausea/exhaustion!

End rant. 

Re: WTF Wednesday

  • @dckateh Geeeez, rude! Kids these days, amirite.

    My WTF W is the almost $700 "deposit" we had to pay for DH's endoscopy today, wherein they widened his esophagus and therefore will be charging us more (that we can at least put on a payment plan). How TF do places get away w/ charging that much for a DEPOSIT and not letting us put it on our payment plan. (Side note, for those who don't already know: we are so effing broke. So, therefore, *most* of that deposit went towards nearly maxing out my final credit card that isn't maxed out.) 
  • @kagesstarshroom that's outrageous and almost seems sketchy... if it is necessary care I didn't think they could require upfront payments! 
    @dckateh woah that is crazy and awful

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  • @chichiphin We have like the worst possible healthcare plan I guess, so not much is covered until we meet our deductible? IDK if it was "necessary" I mean--he'll be able to eat without being in pain and actually swallow foods he was unable to previously swallow now and it will help reduce his seemingly constant heartburn? All of which he's been living with for a while? But like--he was suffering, you know. 
  • @kagesstarshroom that does seem like it’s way to high to not provide a payment plan. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with that!

    @dckateh that’s so awful of her. I hate finding stuff out on fb when the person should tell you in person. 
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  • @dckateh that’s messed up! 

    @kagesstarshroom ugh I’m sorry!

  • @kagesstarshroom That's awful, I hope your husband feels better soon! Medical costs in this country are completely insane and I hope your family gets through it! We had a high deductible plan too and there was one year we both needed MRIs, they ended up costing us over $800 each! 

    Thanks everyone, she has had a really rough go of it lately and I do understand that she owes us nothing (we knew she was leaving the job, hence having her sister lined up). I just thought our relationship was closer than leaving the state with no goodbye, at least for our daughter. 
  • @dckateh WTH that is so rude! Totally fine to move and move on, but why on earth would you not say goodbye?

    @kagesstarshroom Unreal. That isn’t a deposit, that’s a huge payment. Blah.

    My WTF is something a lot of us can agree on, I'd think: WTF nausea. How can I be SO hungry, like literally starving, and then as soon as I start eating something it repulses me? WHYYYYYYYYY.

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  • @emilylove25 At lunch I was nauseous and hungry at the same time 🤣
  • @dckateh your poor daughter. She must be so sad. That breaks my heart she didn’t properly say goodbye. I hope you can find a new, reliable sitter soon.

    @kagesstarshroom oh man. That is crazy high! 

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  • @dckateh As a former nanny and babysitter that makes me so sad. I get hard times, but that’s a really selfish choice on her part. 

    @kagesstarshroom That really sucks. I’m sorry. 

    AFM...I actually got to lay down and take a nap today. DH was laying down too. Riiiight before I got to sleep DS comes in asking for a snack. Then, after he left DH got included on group text about fantasy football and his phone was buzzing every 39 seconds. I kicked everyone out. WTF DS and Group Texts! Can’t a pregnant lady get a nap??? 

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  • @EmilyLove25 amen to that freaking WTF Wednesday girl!! This is beyond annoying!
  • @dckateh That's messed up! Not only for your poor daughter, but that you're left in a bind.

    @kagesstarshroom All bills suuuuucccckkkk, but medical bills are definitely the most frustrating to me. 

    @RanFan28 Sleep interruptions drive me nuts. My DH can sleep through anything and has the hardest time understanding why I can't fall asleep or stay asleep. 
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  • @dckateh Oh wow, my feelings would be very hurt, and I'd be angry on behalf of my daughter.  I'm sorry you're in such a bind right now with childcare.  I watched one of my friends get abruptly left without a daycare for her 2 year old son and infant daughter and I wouldn't wish that sort of stress on my worst enemy.  Hope you get everything figured out ASAP! 

    @kagesstarshroom Whoa that's a butt-load of money!!  I'm seriously surprised they won't allow you to do a payment plan on a charge that big, crappy healthcare plan or not.  :(  

    @EmilyLove25 Lol!  That is a big WTF.  I think I'm RAVENOUS until I sit down to actually eat and I feel like I've never been fuller in my life, can't eat it, I'd rather eat something else, etc.  Ridiculous!

    @RanFan28 I'm glad you kicked them out so you could take a decent nap!  The cell phone buzzing would have driven me bananas!  :D

    My WTF right now is my boyfriend's overall bad attitude; it's really grating my nerves and stressing me out.  For the last two weeks, he has had a chip on his shoulder about every little thing.  Sometimes he's mad at me for something I said or did (and that makes me feel awful because I know I've been a hormonal mess lately) and other times, he's worked up about something that doesn't really have anything to do with me, but he directs his bad mood at me.  I've tried to talk to him a few times about it, but he brushes me off for the most part.  He's either angry or dismissive lately and I don't have the energy to deal with it.  He's usually a great guy and not an angry person, so this is very out of character for him... I try to give him space, but he complains that I'm avoiding him.  If I do go downstairs to his icy cold man-cave (lol it's so cold down in our basement) to engage, he doesn't really acknowledge me.  So it's lose/lose right now and I'm just getting fed up.
  • @Malidocious I think the first trimester is a really difficult time for relationships. So much to think about, plan for, argue about. And most men have very little ability to empathize with what is going on with us hormonally and physically. Good thing we have the Bump for getting out some of our emotions! 
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    @dckateh - Oh man! That is so disappointing!!! Maybe there was something else deeper going on with her? Sad though.  :(

    @kagesstarshroom - Whaaaat!? I'm so sorry! Anyway you can try and call your credit card companies and see if there's any wiggle room with the interest rates? Might not be much, but they may do something.

    @momoftoddlers - Spot on.

    I'm late to the party, but last night my husband said, "I don't know why you're so tired, you're only 7 weeks pregnant...."....Uh what?! Excuse me? Who you talking to? I asked him if he could pick up a book to read about pregnancy.  :*
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  • I know it’s thursday. But I forgot to post this yesterday. 

    WTF to the lady in Dicks Sporting Goods who stared and rolled her eyes at me as I’m walking down the aisle carrying a screaming tantrum throwing DS in one arm and a giant effing pop-up canopy tent thing in the other. As if I’m not struggling enough let’s add your judgy judgement to the mix. That’ll help my pregnant hormonal self. Maybe next time offer help to the struggling pregnant lady. Jerk. 
  • @miss.sally Ugh, people are SO rude and quick to be judgmental. :angry:
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