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25 weeks pregnant and have already gained 20lbs

Needing advice... This is my first pregnancy,  and I’m 25 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. I’ve already gained 20 pounds, but I’m not even showing enough to where “oh it’s just baby weight” sounds suitable like most people have been telling me. When I first became pregnant my OB said I should gain anywhere from 25-35 lbs throughout my entire pregnancy. But now she’s saying I may gain an additional 30lbs by the time I deliver since I have already gained 20lbs. My biggest down fall is sweets, I’ve been craving them like CRAZY since I was about 13 weeks!!! I’m not really hungry, I’ll eat a regular 3 meals a day, but sweets such as cake, cookies etc I want constantly. I know this is a lengthy post, but please give me advice/your experiences on weight gain and ways to ease my cravings for sweets. TIA!
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