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25 weeks, already gained 20 pounds

Needing advice... This is my first pregnancy,  and I’m 25 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. I’ve already gained 20 pounds, but I’m not even showing enough to where “oh it’s just baby weight” sounds suitable like most people have been telling me. When I first became pregnant my OB said I should gain anywhere from 25-35 lbs throughout my entire pregnancy. But now she’s saying I may gain an additional 30lbs by the time I deliver since I have already gained 20lbs. My biggest down fall is sweets, I’ve been craving them like CRAZY since I was about 13 weeks!!! I’m not really hungry, I’ll eat a regular 3 meals a day, but sweets such as cake, cookies etc I want constantly. I know this is a lengthy post, but please give me advice/your experiences on weight gain and ways to ease my cravings for sweets. TIA!

Re: 25 weeks, already gained 20 pounds

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    You’re going to gain what you’re going to gain. As far as cravings, try to fill up on protein and keep hydrated before you give into cravings. Pretty soon your stomach will be so squished you won’t be able to eat much. Try to take your sweets in the form of fruits instead of refined sugars, maybe paired with nuts or something with protein.
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    Seeing such a big change is scary. With my first I gained a little over 50lbs. It wasn’t until around 37 weeks that my doctor brought it up and said I really did not need to gain anymore. I went up another few lbs by my delivery at 41 weeks. 

    Like PP said, you’re going to gain no matter what and if it’s concerning to you try and pick fruit and veggies for snacks and lean protein for meals. I’m at 21w3d and have gained 17 lbs so far. Candy has been my downfall and I’ve cut back but still gained. Our bodies are built for this, don’t focus too much on your weight gain until your doctor says it’s a problem. 
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    Obviously, I am no doctor, but just going off of my previous experiences.  IMO, I don’t think you have gained that much weight.  With my other 2 full term pregnancies (this one is different), I gained 5-10 pounds in 1st trimester, since eating helped MS.  And then I gained about a pound a week.  From what I have read, this is pretty typical.  And doing that math, by 25 weeks, I would expect weight gain to be between 17-22 pounds. With a final weight gain of 32-37 which isn’t terrible.  

    I too, am having a hard time with sweets this pregnancy.  I have been trying to watch it, but it is really hard. I try not to buy any at the grocery store, but that doesn’t stop me from getting them throughout the week.

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  • I agree, just gotta make sure you are eating healthy. Cut out sugar and processed food. This shows you how much you'll weigh by the time you're due, was startling for me :) https://www.babymed.com/tools/pregnancy-weight-change-calculator
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