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Anyone experience a threatened miscarriage?

Hi mommas...prayers for all...I had a mc in January, I had a ruptured cyst and only knew for 2 days before I mc at 5 was the worse feeling ..the fact that it happened has made me more anxious and worried for this pregnancy. According to Google I thought I was at 8 weeks today but when I went to Dr Monday she said more like 6... I've been super careful and cautious. The only problem is I've been on crutches 5 weeks and unsure if I have over exerted myself... The first doctor I had handled my mc horribly and I switched to another who was very talkative but no checks or anything...I'm on my 3rd Dr since January and I am at 6 weeks 5 days...yesterday I had brownish spotting which I know is normal but I wanted to check..the doctor mentioned that since it's early it can be considered at threatened miscarriage and there is still a flicker (heartbeat).. today there was bright red and after an hour of waiting to be called back by the on call Dr, a difft Dr,.the on call Dr said there is nothing I can will either be viable and get past 12 weeks or I will mc...I asked if I should go to er and she basically said there is no point for me to waste hours there because nothing anyone can do...I'm trying to relax and remain hopeful and unstressed but I have no idea what to do... I really hope the rainbow baby is ok... I have no idea what I should do. Thank you all. And prayers to all. 

Much love to all

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