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20 month old toddler spitting up

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My 20-month-old daughter regularly has food come back up into her mouth, sometimes hours after eating. She never seems bothered by this like it is painful, only surprised that food is in her mouth again. She does not have the typical signs of GER/GERD. It's not violent spitting up, like vomiting. She has a voracious appetite and will eat practically anything you give her. She has always trended small but does not have problems gaining or sustaining weight. She sleeps well through the night.

I have tried different types of non-dairy milks to rule out a milk sensitivity, but they never seemed to work out for her tummy. I doubt this is related to a dairy issue because she also does not show signs of an allergy, lactose intolerance, or sensitivity (other than the spitting up).

Everything I've read suggests that most children's reflux subsides when they are about 12-18 months old, but this hasn't been the case for us. She has been on baby Zantac for about two months, but it obviously hasn't done anything to curtail the spitting up. The only reasons I can think of are possibly 1. overfeeding (my daughter never "tells" us or indicates she is full; she will eat however much we give her, so we have to stop feeding her when we feel that she's had enough) or 2. her esophagus still isn't completely mature to keep food in her stomach. With regards to eating, we give her one bite or piece of food at a time because, otherwise, she'll try to put everything in her mouth at once. We also feed her five small meals/snack a day as opposed to three larger meals.

I'd prefer to avoid a scope if possible, especially considering she's thriving in every way and developmentally on target. This is just something that concerns me because I thought she'd have outgrown it by now.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Any suggestions for how to handle it?

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