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Low HCG/Unknowns

So I found out 1 week and 2 days ago I was pregnant. I got pregnant through IUI (I am 37 and my husband is 41, we have been married for 11 1/2 years and trying for 2 before we opted for IUI) and am now unsure of where this is going. My HCG is not increasing like it should be (1st test 63 on 7/18, 2nd test 97 on 7/22 and 3rd test 124 on 7/24). Originally I was told it's a biochemical pregnancy or an ectopic one. But now, since my HCG continues to rise, they want to keep checking that (another test of it tomorrow) and do an ultrasound next week. 

Has anyone else has low HCG? I did some reading and I know it's possible to have a healthy baby with low HCG but I also know it should be increasing double or more every few days. I am so many things and so much is frustrating and up in the air. If I got pregnant on my own and didn't need IUI, they wouldn't even be testing this so early and questioning. 

I have no symptoms at all other than feeling extremely anxious (which I am trying not to be) and I am out of breath when I walk, which I normally wouldn't be. No cramping, no bleeding, no pain, nothing. I hate not being in control and not knowing what is next. Has anyone been through this? Words of advice? 
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Re: Low HCG/Unknowns

  • @cnmontoya.  Don’t have any words of advise but wanted to send hugs and strength.  Your doc knows what they’re doing and we’re here for you lady!
  • @cnmontoya Hugs! You might want to move this post to the weekly questions thread, because one off posts are discouraged, but I do want to say: a lot of us have been where you are at various stages in these or previous pregnancies, and it's awful. You are totally right in identifying the difficulty of having ZERO control and not knowing what is next. I went through something similar (not with HCG numbers but with heart rate) a bit further along with my last pregnancy, and it was very stressful and hard for me. **TW** that situation did not end well, but it really taught me that we have to be at peace with our bodies and nature. The good news is you DID get pregnant, so regardless of what happens now, you can, if needed, get pregnant again. I've heard of success stories with slow-rising HCG for sure, but there is just no way of knowing. I hope you can find some peace as you wait for clarity. 

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    My first time this happened it was a blighted ovum. The second time that happened it was a chemical. This time my numbers aren't really increasing normally but we will see soon if things look normal in there. 
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