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Overstressed, help

hi, im having a difficult time managing cooking, cleaning, baby, toddler and i really think its time to do some changes. Either my house is clean and I can put Home Cooked food on the table and my kids are left out (i feel so bad i cant give them my 110%) or kids are fine, we are having fun, cuddle etc. and my house is a mess-which drives me crazy. Today I overworked and pain in my lower back put me to bed rest. How do you manage? Sometimes grandmas help But i cant fully rely on them, especialIy when both of them told me to wait with second child, because its really hard and now i feel stupid how confident i was to think it wont be that bad. After all they are my kids, cant just expect they be there everytime i need help. Just need to hear I am not alone, glad that i could get this out. 

Re: Overstressed, help

  • You are 900% not alone!  I have an 18-month old and a 3-month old, and I fully feel your pain. No solution, but a few things help me. I try to follow the Clean Mama cleaning routine, which means you only do a little every day. I try to stick to easy 30-minute meals (if I plan something more intense, it often just doesn't happen). I also try to remember that it's okay for my older daughter to play on her own sometimes - she has to learn she's not always the center of attention, even though I always want her to have my undivided focus.  Yesterday, I brought her blocks in the kitchen so I could watch her play while I cooked - she wasn't thrilled, but she'll get used to it.  We'll get there. Now's the time to give ourselves some grace - and it's okay for frozen pizza and Sesame Street to play point once in a while 😊  You got this!
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