Babies: 0 - 3 Months

Graco Pack N Play Napper

I'm a FTM and my baby is 2 weeks old. I am really struggling with anxiety on what is and isn't safe for the baby. Right now I am worried about this napper that came with our Pack N Play. Our baby likes to sleep on it and does not like the bassinet. When we put him in the bassinet on his back, he immediately rolls over to his side. I have done my research and know that newborns should sleep on a firm, flat surface on their back. I have talked to my doctor who said if they baby turns on their side, it's ok but I can't shake the fact that the articles I have read say it's not. Also, based on what I have read the napper doesn't seem to be that great either. Basically I feel like based on my research the baby should only sleep on a crib or a bassinet. Anyone have any advice for safe sleeping routines? 
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