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Starting school with a newborn?

I am due with my first in October and really want to start a master’s program this fall. The reason I don’t want to push it off until spring is because I plan to stay home for a year with baby and I want to take advantage of the time off to study before going back to work. People say their lives are so busy and overwhelming with a new baby but with no firsthand experience, I really don’t know how challenging it will be. I don’t at all doubt that it is difficult, but be real with me—is it as crazy as they say? My husband will be home with us for the first two months. Do you think this would be manageable, or would you recommend waiting until the spring?

Re: Starting school with a newborn?

  • The first six weeks are super hard. I’m so glad I did grad school before kids. You’ll be sleep deprived, hormonal, and all over the place settling in. If you’re due in October, that guarantees your first semester will be rough. I would recommend waiting until the spring for sure. Don’t get me wrong, having a newborn is also amazing, but no joke. Waiting until the spring will allow the baby to be old enough to sleep train as well, if you’re into that idea, which should help you out in the sleep department. I found that the stress of having a baby significantly eased up around 5 months in or so. I recommend taking the fall to savor your time off with your new squish and get used to being a mom. Good luck!
  • Honestly, if you can sign up for an online class or two, that would be the best rout to go.  If your husband is home the 1st two months, it will allow you to manage your class time better.  I'll be honest, the 1st week was hell for us, but after that Yes, I was tired, yes things were chaotic, but our adjustment to the new baby wasnt as aweful as people say. 
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  • I started a masters program when my twins were 2. Got pregnant with DS3 during my 2nd semester. He was due in January so I was able to do semesters 3 and 4 before he was born. The program I was in was super strict about the order you took classes in so unless I wanted to start the semester with a 2 week old (and just having had a c section) I had to take a year off. I never went back. The dynamics of our family changed a lot adding baby #3 and it just wasn't going to be possible for me to work all day then be in classes until 9pm three nights a week. 
    There are a lot of things to consider and you might not know all of them right now. Personally I would wait until spring because you never know how the pregnancy and delivery will go and you don't want the added stress of whether or not you'll be able to keep up with school work too. You may also miss out on some bonding time with your newborn and nothing is worth giving that up!
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