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Introducing formula

I've been exclusively pumping since DD was born. My freezer stash is down to about 5 days of breastmilk so we're going to have to introduce formula. If you've done this, how did you go about it? She'll be 6 months old next week and I'm worried she'll refuse the formula. 

Re: Introducing formula

  • If you have access to samples, try out some different brands to see what LO will take. If they refuse it all, you can slowly cut it with BM to help get baby used to it. 

    I had to start formula around 9-10 months with both my kids. My son was super picky and I ended up having to use Gerber brand and slowly mix with the BM I had left. My daughter was not at all picky and drank Similac I had on hand right away, and I was able to transition to the Target generic equivalent. Every baby is different, but ultimately they won’t let themselves starve. Good luck!
  • What previous poster said. Also, give it a bit of time before immediately dismissing a brand and moving on to the next (provided there’s no immediate reason to switch, like a dairy allergy or reaction, of course.)
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