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Group 4 Check In (3/25-3/31) 7/22

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Haven't seen one for us latest mamas yet, so figured I should put on out there!

Team finding out/pink/blue/green:

 Baby is the size of a(n):

 Upcoming appts:

 How are you feeling?:



 GTKY: What's your favorite flower?

Edited because TB forked up my post. That's what I get for posting on mobile I guess lol

Re: Group 4 Check In (3/25-3/31) 7/22

  • EDD/W+D: 3/27 currently 4w4d

    Team finding out/pink/blue/green: definitely finding out! We're doing a blood test at 8 weeks because I'm impatient 😬

    Baby is the size of a(n): poppy seed!

    Upcoming appts: 1st appt is Aug 9th, I'll be 7w that day. Might try to get in for an ultrasound around that time too.

    How are you feeling?: I think I have a cold on top of being pregnant so that blows. But nausea, headaches, back aches, and fatigue seem to be my new every day normal.

    Rants/Raves: This is my last week of my summer courses! I have three weeks until the fall semester starts up and I'm very excited to not feel guilty for laying around on the couch doing nothing every afternoon/evening. Also I've pretty much got a 4.0 in the bag ✊

    Questions: anybody else noticing lower back pain when they sit for too long? I think I need to get in to see the chiropractor. 

     GTKY: What's your favorite flower? Love tulips and peonies!
  • @hellobabys its just a little further down on the board :)
    **tw loss in spoiler**

    married 11.1.14

    ttc #1 since 5.18

    bfp 12.22.18 letrozole + progesterone

    d&e due to trisomy 13/hydrops at 15wks

    bfp 7.21.19 letrozole + IUI 

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  • dckatehdckateh
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    EDD 3/26, 4w5d
    Team Finding Out: YES! Probably won't end up doing a grand gender reveal (we didn't last time either) but I really liked knowing what I was having. Honestly it helped humanize her a bit so I didn't keep calling her 'it!'

    Baby size of: poppy seed

    Upcoming appt: 8/9 also! It's my day off from work and I will also be about 7 weeks by then. Hoping they'll do an ultrasound. 

    How are you feeling? Pretty OK I think? No real symptoms yet except some fatigue. I got Lie Bumps on my tongue though and they hurt! Google tells me they can be caused by hormonal changes so I'm not sure whether or not I can blame the baby or if I should blame the hot water I drink constantly in my freezing office. The lack of symptoms is weird; I found out early so I keep taking tests to make sure I'm actually pregnant; it doesn't feel real yet.

    Rant/Rave: I'm a children's librarian and I am SO READY for back to school! The summer camps that think it's fine to bring 20 kids in and not supervise them while they trash the place are driving me insane.

    Questions: Not really? Again, the pregnancy doesn't feel real yet. Most of the time I'm a lurker on forums (that's how I operated in my '16 group too) but I'm hoping being more engaged now will make it feel more real.  

    Fave flower: Poppies, Ranunculus, and Peonies 
  • @chichiphin my bad! I just saw it!
  • EDD/W+D: 25 Mar 2020/5+3
    Team finding out/pink/blue/green: 
    I can't make up my mind, and neither can my husband so I guess we're going to just  play it by ear.

     Baby is the size of a(n): 

     Upcoming appts: 
    August 7th is my first OB appointment (went to PCM for blood tests last week)
     How are you feeling?: 
    Mostly fine, fatigue and sore boobs are the worst of it. No nausea or vomiting as of yet.



     GTKY: What's your favorite flower?
    Wax flower, peonies, dahlias
  •  EDD/W+D: 3/27/20 5wks + 1
    Team finding out/pink/blue/green: totally finding out, I’m a planner!

     Baby is the size of a(n): appleseed 

     Upcoming appts: getting a blood test on 8/1 and first OB appt. on 8/14

     How are you feeling?: sore boobs, somewhat tired and hungrier. Actually praying to have some morning sickness since I had an MC in December and really want to feel more confident that this time is normal.

     Rants/Raves: The waiting game for this first appointment is so frustrating! Currently rewatching Veronica Mars with my hubby and loving the 00’s nostalgia.

     GTKY: What's your favorite flower? I had Anemones in my wedding bouquets and they were gorgeous!
  • akak23akak23
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    Welcome @creativesoul63! We have the same EDD :) right there with you on the waiting game - I’ve watched more tv in the past few weeks than ever before lol! 
  • ayboaybo
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    EDD/W+D: 3/31/20  5w 3d
    Team finding out/pink/blue/green: Yes we will.     Baby is the size of a(n): Apple seed    
    Upcoming appts: 8/26
    How are you feeling?: Soar breast, feeling ligament stretching already. With first I think that was around 7 weeks... Tired
    Rants/Raves: none
    Questions: Anyone else feel the stretching in uterus?
    GTKY: ? 
    What's your favorite flower? Sunflower 
  • -susan--susan-
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    So excited to be pregnant and be here!

    EDD/W+D: 03/25/20 and 5w+4d
    Team finding out/pink/blue/green: definitely finding out! I am so excited to find out and am totally impatient (makes 1st trimester fun!)

     Baby is the size of a(n): baby is the size of a blueberry 

     Upcoming appts: I actually had an ultrasound a few days bc I had some spotting and cramping and have a history of mc. Everything looked good. They didn't give pictures though :( Next Appt is Aug 29th - can't wait! 

     How are you feeling?: good. I'm starting to believe I'm pregnant. Having a mc with my first (13weeks) really makes me nervous usually. I'm very nauseous, my boobs are killing me and I'm moody and exhausted. 

     Rants/Raves: it's hard to stay positive during first trimester. I'm so excited to add to our family, how do you guys wait? 


     GTKY: What's your favorite flower? Lily
  • -susan--susan-
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    Yes to stretching! 
  • akak23akak23
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    @-susan- I’m so excited too I can hardly wait! Will this be your first? It is for me :)
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