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melatonin effects?

Has anyone else been taking melatonin and having CPs? I have had multiple CPs in the past few years even though TW I had two successful pregnancies previously.

But I recently started taking melatonin and I suspect it messed with my cycle. I have stopped taking the melatonin and we are trying again. I think I will probably CP again because of melatonin could cause such a problem J would think someone would have noticed... 

But just asking. Has anyone experienced any issues with their cycle and melatonin? 

Re: melatonin effects?

  • I take melatonin and it has not messed up my cycle. I have not done enough research to know how melatonin affects pregnancy. I know that when I read the book It Starts with the Egg, it suggests taking melatonin a month before an egg retrieval for IVF because it supposed to improve egg equality. 
  • thanks @Mamaof2beautifulgirls i had not read that about IVF and melatonin
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  • i just wanted to share that since i stopped with melatonin and tried again my period is 4 days late. I am part Asian and part black I wonder if testing on melatonin has happened on my racial groups... 
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