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Hi! Logging back in for the first time in years. My last BMB moved to Facebook and I haven’t been on since! We’ve been TTC #3 for 12 months now. We got pregnant with DS1 the first month off the pill without even trying, but it took us 12 months to get pregnant with DS2. We want one more, and I wasn’t stressed about it at first. I really struggled when it took so long to conceive DS2- cried every time my period came. I’ve been good until the last 2 cycles. I guess I didn’t dream it would take this long again- thought it was a fluke last time. 

Anyway, I had some testing done last time and all my stats came up good- regular cycles, good hormone levels, normal amount of eggs, etc. I’m wondering if the problem is DH. He’s overweight, and it could be his sperm count. Has anyone had any luck with at home sperm tests? I don’t think I could ever get him to go to the doctor for something like that 🙄


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