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Measuring behind

So I am wondering if anyone else measured behind/had slow progressing pregnancy.  
I had my LMP May 14th and based on temps, fertility monitor and OPK, ovulation occured on June 11th CD29.  Though one app is saying CD31
I got a super faint positive on 11dpo. ( Based on CD29 ovulation)   On 14dpo went in for bloodwork.
Here are the results of all my bloodwork I've had
June 25th: Hcg 11
                     Progesterone 2.2
June 27th: Hcg 29
                     Progesterone 4.2
July 3rd:     Hcg 129
  Started on progesterone 3/day vaginally
July 8th:     Hcg 361
July 10th:   Hcg 563
   US with empty uterus. (though I  thought I say the start of gesterational sac
July 15th:    Hcg 1238

      Progesterone 7.1

    Gestational sac measuring 5 weeks 1 day, no yolk sac.   Based on O should be 6 weeks 4-6 days)

Re: Measuring behind

  • @wileycoyote05 i am so sorry you are going through this.  it has been so long, so I don’t remember all the specifics, so I am sort of estimating, but when I had an ultrasound around 7 weeks with my son, he was measuring not quite 6.  I went back a week later and he was measuring 8 weeks.  

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