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2nd Trimester

When did you get "The POP!"?

I am seventeen weeks today and woke up to a very welcome surprise -- my belly inflated overnight! 💖💙💖
I was headed down to check the mail and caught a glimpse of myself in our full-length elevator mirrors. I honestly was shook!

When did your bump "pop"?

Re: When did you get "The POP!"?

  • I had the very needed surprise of "the pop" last Thursday. This is my 3rd baby, my second son was born on my husband's birthday last year but only made it through 7 weeks. Last Thursday would have been his 1st birthday, so it was very welcome that it was the day my belly popped and I started to be noticeably pregnant ❤
    Ziggy       <3 07/2018-08/2018 <3
    Micah      <3 10/2015
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