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Hey Ladies! 

I am new to the board and not sure if it is okay to do an off thread, but I am wanting some advice. This is a long post...

I had my post op doctor’s appointment yesterday with my RE. At the appointment she stated she had check everything and did all she could and felt like we were clear to start trying. 😳 (kinda scary stuff to hear!) 

When we original went to the RE I felt pretty sure I was having miscarriages due to ovulating late; however, I was very wrong... we found out I have hypothyroidism (being treated with medicine), blood clotting factor (being treated with baby aspirin for now.. the doctor says we may do a different type of medicine if I get pregnant) and I had to have surgery to have a polyp removed....

My concern is according to FF I should ovulate around the 21-23 of this month, but this is still so late in my cycle (calendar day 24,25, or 26) Also just based on cramping I could have ovulated earlier. I haven’t been tracking so I just don’t know... My husband is all ready to start trying but I am just hesitant...

I also know that using clomid and a trigger shot is not a guarantee we won’t miscarry again (the doctor says this should have me ovulating more on time...)...just wondering if you wonderful ladies have any advice on this situation... again this whole process is so unfair and I am sorry we all have to be here...😔

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  • Hmm. My understanding is that ovulation can vary cycle to cycle but LP (the time from ovulation to AF) should not. Some people have longer follicular phases than others. If you temp, that will probably make it clearer when exactly you are ovulating and how long your LP is. Is your RE concerned about you ovulating “late”?
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  • @manillabar I definitely plan on starting to temp next cycle. The RE didn’t feel that me ovulating late was the solid factor for my miscarriage. She just felt it could mess with my lining etc. My LP seems to remain the same each month. 
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  • Yeah, ovulating 'late' isn't really a thing. I have 35-37 day cycles usually (although admittedly, I am NOT the poster child for success on this board...).  As said by @manillabar the issue is if you have LPD (Luteal Phase Defect) where you ovulate and then have a short luteal phase (less than 9 or 10 days I think?).  Definitely start temping. Do it starting CD1. It will give you SO much information about your body and your cycles, you will thank yourself for it later! You can start trying that cycle if you want, although be warned that temping usually shows when you ovulate a few days AFTER you ovulate (when you see a clear temperature spike).  So until you get used to when YOU actually ovulate, you could miss it for a few cycles...
  • @dpchickens my understanding with ovulating late is that this causes the egg to become “old” and can lead to more miscarriages due to chromosomes  abnormalities. Thanks for the information on the tempting! 
  • @Mamaof2beautifulgirls Technically I don't think you can ovulate late - you ovulate whenever the egg is mature. That's why you can have variation in the follicular phase, but not much in the luteal phase. However, I have heard that you can have egg degradation when the egg is fertilized late or if the egg implants late. I could be wrong, but that's my understanding.

    Also., if you're taking clomid, your RE should be monitoring you. After you trigger, if you're still being monitored, your RE can confirm that ovulation happened. So I guess that would depend on whether you're doing timed intercourse or an IUI and how much monitoring you're having.
  • I agree with @ruby696 I don't think the eggs are 'old' as much as if you ovulate late it COULD mean that you have some other issue with poor egg quality in general. The late fertilization/implantation and/or long/short luteal phase is the really big concern.
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