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Weekly Randoms/Weekly BF 7/15 & 7/22

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I probably have a lot to b*tch about.  But one of my annoyances this weekend was at a family reunion everyone LOVES my husband. Which is great. Except sometimes hearing how great he is really sucks haha

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Re: Weekly Randoms/Weekly BF 7/15 &amp; 7/22

  • Lol you need some compliments sent your way.. @moon1417  hope everybody had a good weekend. I actually don’t have any complaints today.. I am just ready for this baby to come out! My husband has been super sweet to me on all my complainings of all my pain etc.. 
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  • I finally got the car seat bases in both cars, had a Parenting 101 class on Saturday, and we got thing done- moving around our room for space for the bassinet. I feel like we're 99% done, and now little one can come at any time and I won't be completely panicked! LOL.
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  • So my husband started a new job and it’s swing shift so one month on day shift one month on evening shift (3-11). This is his first month on evening shift and the first time we’ve dealt with him not being on days in our whole relationship. To say it sucks is an understatement. 

    We’ve been managing but my bitch fest comes from last night. I’ve been falling asleep on the couch so he’ll wake me up coming home and I can see him and talk to him for a bit before going back to bed. I kept waking up and each time I’d text him and he’d say not much longer and I’ll be home. Well 2 am rolls around he’s still not home and the damn power goes out 😩 there were no storms so I’m still not sure why it was out but nothing sucks worse than a pitch black house when you’re alone. Thankfully we have two dogs but they kept growling and barking and it made for a miserable night especially with no AC and even at night it’s sooo hot here. Power eventually came on around 5 am and hubby got home at 6 am just in time to see me for 30 minutes before I left for work. Definitely not happy with his new job or schedule and wondering how it’s gonna work once baby girl is here. So that’s my super long bitch fest lol thank God tomorrow is Friday though and delivery is so close I can feel the back pain relief already 😂🙌🏼
  • @newmamakt Wow that sounds like it sucks really bad.  he should be getting home around 11pm? that doesn't seem so bad, why did he have to stay so late?? will that be typical?

    Me 32 <3 H 33
    TTC#1 January 2016  BFP 5/16/2016  DD Born 1/27/17

    TFAS: BFP 11/26/2018 Estimated due date: 8/2/2019

  • @moon1417 it does! He normally gets off at 11 and is home by 1130. Thankfully that was an abnormal situation and he shouldn’t have to do that again. Basically his company waited til the last minute to do something and he had to stay to finish it. He’s worked over a few other times but nothing to that extent. 
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