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Probiotic for baby?

This is my second time having mastitis and my second time taking an antibiotic. I’m extremely frustrated about it because I haven’t had to take an antibiotic in 5 years AND I know I’m totally destroying my 11 month olds gut bio. So I just ordered a probiotic for him to hopefully help replenish his gut. My question is should I wait till after my antibiotic dosage is done to start giving it to him? I know most probiotics for adults are not compatible with antibiotics. I am currently taking a probiotic myself that you are able to take with antibiotics as well as eating organic yogurt everyday. 

I cant find much information on this subject online. 

Also, I purchased early life flora infant probiotics from Amazon because of the clean ingredient list and the wider range of strands, most brands only had like 1 or 2. 

Any advice/experience would be amazing! Thank you!

Re: Probiotic for baby?

  • You’re not “totally destroying his gut.” Any probiotic will be fine as long as it’s ok to give to a baby and dosed for them. Try to not freak out. You’ll make it through this. 
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