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I had an appointment for a follow up ultrasound one week ago because I was measuring at 6weeks when I was closer to 8wks. After the internal ultrasound, the sac was seen, but that’s all. Then I basically began miscarrying in the drs office. The doctor decided that I needed a D&C and I bled more than I thought possible while waiting for an OR. Since then, I’ve had some bleeding, but it had somewhat tapered off. Then last night I soaked through a panty liner and had to get up in the middle of the night to change my regular pad. Did I just start my period at the tail end of my bleeding from D&C? I’ll call the office when they open, but looking for any advice. 

Re: Advice after D&C

  • @MeredithL You can bleed off and on (sometimes heavily) following a D&C for weeks afterwards. You won't really get a 'period' until your next cycle ends, which could be 4-? weeks away.  Also, the only normal after a MC is that there is no normal.  So you could have side effects and symptoms you've never gotten before throughout your entire cycle. Your cycle can be longer/shorter than it used to be. Because it's right after a MC and D&C you could have an extremely long cycle before you get your first AF afterwards (like 12+ weeks). It's all 'normal.'  Sorry for your loss. Just take it one day at a time and you will make it through it (and if you can't do one day at a time, do one hour at a time, or even one minute at a time...).
  • Hey @MeredithL, so very sorry for your loss. It's a pain that none of us should have to endure!  At least we can know that we are NOT alone. 

    I've had two D&C's now - my last one was a little over 3 weeks ago. My first D&C was pretty "textbook" - I had heavier bleeding the first day after and then it tapered off over about a week or so and I didn't have any additional bleeding until my period came about 4 weeks after. This 2nd D&C I was further along (found out @ the 12wk u/s that our baby was only measuring 10 weeks). I had heavy bleeding after the procedure that tapered off over a week and a half, had one day or so of very light spotting/almost nothing, then started getting a heavier flow again over the next few days! I had to switch back to regular pads for a little under a week, and a couple of days before my 3wk-post-d&c milestone, it finally tapered off again. I haven't had any bleeding since and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for return of AF in a few days!

    The heavier bleeding you had is not your period - as @dpchickens said, you won't get that until 4-6 weeks after. I was freaked out too when mine started back up, but all the research I did + taking to my ob indicated that that kind of bleeding can be normal - some have it all the way up until their first period returns.

    If you're still having concerns, you could opt to get your HCG levels tested to confirm they've gone back to zero. That will let you know the miscarriage was complete and your body is doing its thing to re-regulate itself. I hate all the waiting and uncertainty - it's the hardest part in my opinion. 

    Best of luck and never forget you have a community to talk to whenever you need it. I'm so thankful for the support on these boards - it would otherwise be a very isolating experience on top of a lot of anger and sadness! Take care ♡
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