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Sorry long post but need some advice??

So I’ve already been to the GP and spoke to Plunket(free service in New Zealand where you can ring a 24/7 nurse line), nobody seems to be worried. However I am worried and at my wits end. 

My precious little man is the happiest most content baby out there, loves his sleep, food and lots of laughs. Now lately he’s been crying with pain, which he never does so I know it’s pain! It’s always like 5-10min after a meal, for 5-10 min but not after every meal.. and no consistency in which meal. Yesterday it was after being breastfed at 3pm and today it was after his bottle of expressed milk at 6.30pm. He takes about 180-200ml from that bottle and about the same from the boob ish. 

So he gets breastfed from boob 4 times a day, 5th feed before bed expressed milk in bottle and then he gets goats milk formula as a top up/dreamfeed at 10pm ish. Then he sleeps through to 7am, if he wakes he is breastfed.

His poos went more like cottage cheesy after he started the one bottle of formula (about 4 weeks ago) but are now very wet but right colour and not mucusy... he’s been farting like crazy the last week or two(same amount of time these episodes have been happening). Like he will stirr in the night and I’ll get up thinking he wants to eat and then he farts and is straight back to sleep! 

So, google is a terrifying place telling me all kinds of bad things is wrong with my little bubba. FTM so no experience. 

Sorry long post, but anyone have any advice?? I haaaaate seeing him in pain it makes me cry! Once he’s done screaming and calms down he’s aaaall smiles again and goes to bed like nothing ever happened.. 

Thanks xxx 

Re: Sorry long post but need some advice??

  • Obviously this board is pretty dead, but it sounds like gas pains. Have you tried gas relief? I know its no fun to see your baby in pain. My little man would cry in pain for hours due to reflux. 

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