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Recent loss and uterine fibroids

It took us 4 months and we were finally expecting our first baby.  But we lost our angel at the end of of June. I was 6 weeks pregnant  when my HCG levels did not increase as much as they should have in a week. I had begun to spot slightly and went in for an ultrasound. There was the gestational sac but no visible baby. By my next blood work, my HCG began to decrease and I was told this was a failed pregnancy and I would begin to miscarry, which I did in my 7th week and it lasted about 6 days  
I had another ultrasound the same day as that blood work and have a small fibroid that may or may not have affected nutrition for Baby and in turn caused the loss. But the doctor wants to remove the fibroid  with a D&C before we try again.  ( this will be my 4th fibroid surgery in the last 4 years) This has been so painful and now to go through fibroid surgery on top of it just pushes our dreams even further away.  

 To make things more heart breaking my husband’s sister is 15 weeks pregnant. Our babies would have been so close and in such little time I built up a beautiful future. I want to be happy for her and our new nephew or niece,  but I only feel anger and jealousy now.  My husband does too. She is Due in December and I just found out my sister’s SIL is due in January. Our angel baby was due February. This is so unfair. My heart is stone

 I am worried for the upcoming fibroid surgery. I want to skip it and just keep trying again. But what if that’s what caused our loss? Has anyone ever had this experience?  I feel alone and helpless. Was this loss my fault? Is the fibroid really an issue?  

Re: Recent loss and uterine fibroids

  • Also when will my period return? 
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    Hello! I am so sorry for your loss! To answer your first question yes fibroids can cause miscarriage;however, I am not a doctor but I have done a lot of research. I would have the surgery before trying again.
    About two weeks ago I had surgery to remove something from my uterus. It turned out to be a polyp removal (yes a polyp can cause miscarriage too). We miscarried in April of 2019 (it was our 2nd one) so we sought out an RE. I am glad I did because when we try again I want to make sure I did everything possible for a healthy pregnancy.

    The surgery is not bad at all and took me about a week to recover. To answer your second question your period should return in 6 to 8 weeks. Everyone is different. I hope you find some peace in your loss. After I lost my little one I found out about three of my other friends were pregnant. how you are feeling is normal. You don’t have a heart of stone. You are grieving for your loss and that is okay. Take time for yourself! 

    Edited to add this loss is NOT your fault! Be kind to yourself. 
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  • I would not skip the surgery. Fibroids can cause issues, and how would you feel if you skipped the surgery, had to wait 12+ months to get PG again, and then had another loss and found out the cause of that loss was a fibroid surgery you could've had and been recovered from in a short cycle or two?  Listen to your doctors. I know there's this anxious rush to try again and be PG again as soon as possible, but this is a long-term race and not a short sprint. Sitting out a few cycles for a medically valid reason is way better than rushing the process and ending up having a more disastrous result on the backend. Trust me. I have seen it. 

    I am sorry for your loss though. It is rough to see others at a similar stage to where you are, and the bitterness and jealousy is something that you may take years to get over. It's all part of the grieving and healing process. Please take care of yourself first and make sure YOU are in a good space and followed your doctor's advice, and then fingers crossed when you try again.
  • I know this thread is a bit old, but I want to say thank you for this info about fibroids. Found out I still have a small one and it could be causing me to MC. Hope I can get it removed asap and start trying again! 
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