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How I'm surviving summer

I'm starting this thread for support to/ from other mamas who are less than thrilled to be in their third trimester during the three hottest, outdoorsy and party/ event heavy months of the year. List off any advice on how to keep cool and sane! I've discovered the following:

Non alcoholic, non caffeinated beverage: fentiman's rose lemonade - so delicious and unique and fun!

Cool treat - Luigi's ice - only 100 calories and not a bad substitute for that wine slushy everyone else around me is sipping on. 

Salads - I LOVE cucumber- tomato summer salad. I'll try to find a recipe to share here since I'm a "to taste" person. Does anyone else have any fruit or veggie salad suggestions?

Other topics: cool clothes/ fabrics, life without air conditioning, surviving as the only sober one, etc.

Re: How I'm surviving summer

  • Popsicles and staying indoors. 
  • I am surviving by wearing loose fitting clothing. We unfortunately don't have too many friends, and since DS, they don't really hang out with us anymore so not drinking hasn't been too tough. I did make a slush drink to satisfy my craving. I always look at Luigi's ice but never tried it, maybe I will now! As for surviving with no a/c, we just redid our roof so I just keep reminding myself it's much cooler than it was  :D
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  • Being the pool, drinking lots of water and doing activities indoors with my other kids. I’m in Texas so it’s definitely not cool.
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  • Popsicles are a for sure. I've been trying a lot of different flavored seltzer waters, too. Not terrible!
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