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Middle name for Elise

I absolutely love the name Elise, but I’m having a hard time finding a middle name that flows well with it as a first name. A few that I’ve come up with but not sure if I love any of them are Elise Olivia, Elise Madelyn, Elise Violet. I’d love any new suggestions as well as feedback on the sound of those listed above. Thanks!

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  • mb0112mb0112
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    Knowing the last name would help if flow is a priority. How many syllables and which initial?

    Elise Genevieve 
    Elise Rosalie
    Elise Catherine 
    Elise Natalie
    Elise Victoria 
    Elise Jacqueline 
    Elise Josephine 
  • Last name is two syllables, begins with P. 
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  • Noelle 

  • FakeFinnFakeFinn
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    Elise Vivienne P
    Elise Amelia P
    Elise Georgette P
    Elise Philomena P
    Elise Rosemary P
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  • Elise Nicole
    Elise Danielle
    Elise Mary
    Elise Wren
    Elise Violet
    Elise Tessa

  • benmel31benmel31
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    Elise Lauren was a final contender when I  was pregnant with my daughter. 

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  • ejt2019ejt2019
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    I’m Elise Jane 😊
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