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New/returning & full of IUI questions

Hi all! I was here a few years ago, and am back again. I have PCOS, anovulation with irregular cycles. We are using donor sperm. In April and May I had cysts that were too big to try treatment, so I went on BCP and was able to try the month of June. I am using Letrozole. I had a follicle ultrasound Friday, with poor results, then Sunday, and they were shrinking, but the technician insisted they could still grow. I went back today (day 15) and they're still small/shrinking, so we're out this month. The technician/RN suggested injectables in addition to the Letrozole and Ovidrel. We go back in 3 weeks to see the RE, but until then I'm dying from my knowledge gap. What can you tell me about "injectables"? How many times do you continue with your plan (i.e. for me just using Letrozole) before trying something else?

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  • I had 6 IUIs that failed.  I wish now I had pushed harder to start the injectables sooner.  They are supposed to make the follices develop faster and higher quantity.  How many follices do you have?  The risk is you get too many follices and they cannot do the cycle b/c of potential multiples.  However, eggs were my issue so I never got more than 4.  Good luck.  The waiting is the hardest no matter what.
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    They’ll be able to adjust dosing etc to try to encourage healthy follicle growth. Our RE told us the chances were much better using injectables over oral meds so we skipped Letrozole all together and glad we did. We’ll be doing the same this time as well 
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    I have used both letrozole and injectables (follicle stimulation) since my first IUI attempt. We are on our 4th attempt now. He told us there is a higher chance (but really still not a high chance) of multiples and it’s closely monitored and dosing adjusted depending on U/S. It just depends what you need best for your cycle and don’t be afraid to ask your RE questions or seek other opinions. 
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