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TMI Tuesday 6/25

It's been a while since we've had one of these
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Re: TMI Tuesday 6/25

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  • I was in the middle of something for work I really didn't want to interrupt, so I ignored my bladder. At work there is a bathroom right near me, but I usually go to one slightly farther to get my daily steps in. Well from habit when I finally finished the task I started going to the further one. How badly I needed to go didn't catch up with me until I was already half-way there, and then I rushed and just made it. I could not believe how much came out, more than in a long time!! Bladder now that I know you can do it, why don't you do it?!?!
    But then walking back to my desk, I already needed to go again, so I detoured to the closer one, and a healthy amount came out.
    Bladder why do you hate me?
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  • @MamaK225 I like how we both posted at almost the same time, and it's to discuss our displeasure with our bladders.
  • @mrosek91 - Right!? But seriously, I'm the same way. I can go comfortably for 3-4 hours in between and get a "healthy" flow, but then I'm relegated to go back to the bathroom every 15-20 min for the next hour to "get rid of" whatever remaining pee and/or sense of urgency had built up. So annoying. I didn't have it with DD1, however, she was positioned in more of a diagonal kind of way. This one is very-much-vertical.
    **History in Spoiler**
    Me-35, DH-36 - TTC since 08/10
    Me - anovulatory, non-Insulin PCOS, DH - low end of "normal" sperm count
       IUI#1   - 02/15 - Cancelled due to scrubbed sperm count <1MM
       IVF#1  - 08/15 - 13x5-day blastocysts (ranging from AA-BB, most are 5 or 6), not PGS, on ice
       FET#1 - 10/15 - 1 emb - BFP (DD 07/16) (estrace + PIO sesame oil + prometrium)
       FET#2 - 07/17 - 1 emb - BFN (estrace + PIO sesame oil + prometrium)
       FET#3 - 08/17 - 1 emb - BFN (estrace + PIO sesame oil + prometrium)
       FET#4 - 10/17 - 2 emb - BFN (changed to estrace + prometrium because of allergic reaction to PIO sesame oil)
    ERA Testing - 12/17 - window moved (-1 day)
       FET#5 - 03/18 - 2 emb - BFN (estrace + prometrium, ERA-timing used)
    Karyotype Testing - 04/18 - Negative (we're ok)
       FET#6 - 06/18 - 2 emb - BFN (estrace + prometrium, ERA-timing used)
       FET#7 - 10/18 - 2 emb - BFN (estrace + prometrium, ERA-timing used)
       FET#8 - 11/18 - 2 emb - BFP; looks like one baby is going to make it, DD is due 8/16 (though likely to be 8/9)

  • + 1 on the misbehaving bladder..MH fondly refers to that as breaking the golden seal lol... also boo for all the snissing (the cold season just began to hit in our part of the world)🤦🤦
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