February 2020 Moms

June pregnancy dreams

Did you have a crazy dream about being pregnant? 🤪

Did you have a super sexy dream caused by all those raging hormones? 😉

Please, do share! 

Re: June pregnancy dreams

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    elmann1elmann1 member
    edited June 2019
    During my first pregnancy I had continuous sex dreams about Paul Rudd. Super random and super graphic. They would always end with a to be continued... then were continued the next night. So bizarre.
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    Last night I dreamt Channing Tatum was seducing me in the back of a moving car. And he knew I was pregnant. He was perfectly sweet, but oh so sexy...

    These sexy pregnancy dreams actually kinda suck cuz I’m on pelvic rest!
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    Pregnancy dreams are the best. I haven’t really had any stand out yet. But I’m here for the stories! 
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    I had a dream I had twin boys but one was growing at a rapid rate in my arms. I needed to get them blood work but it was so stressful! I had to walk so far and it was almost an optical illusion. At first it looked like a quick walk across grass but then it got super steep and filled with huge trees. I ended up having to slink around the edge so I didn't get lost or fall. When I finally got to the place to do the blood work the front desk was super rude and made me fill out all of these forms that just never ended! 
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    I had a dream two weeks ago that i had a tiny baby girl and I was struggling to nurse her. I either didn't have milk or couldnt figure it out. I think this stems from i feel like im starting over (my youngest is 7 yrs old) and I had my daughter first and only nursed for 6 weeks because I couldnt seem to figure it out/ couldnt handle blustery nipples. Or from the fact that i nursed my son for 2 weeks because he wanted it every hour and I never had enough. Or just that i want another girl this time.
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    AlexisJoy92AlexisJoy92 member
    edited June 2019
    I dreamed me and SO went over to SIL house and when we got there the living room was turned into what looked like a hospital room SIL was laying on a bed in the middle of the room with most of our family sitting around and MIL was operating an ultrasound on her very pregnant belly which is almost impossible since she had her tubes removed for medical reasons two months ago then everyone looked at me asking if I was ready 😳

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    A few nights ago I had a very steamy dream about my fiance. Then in the morning, he told me I was pulling his arm towards my crotch all night! So I guess I wanted more than just a dream. Haha!
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