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Nothing seen in ultrasound- could it be Ectopic?

So last  week my HCG level was 1400 4 days later i went in for an ultrasound and the technician wasn't able to see anytning in my tubes or my uterus. I'm so worried that this is ectopic. 

What were you signs and symptoms??? 

I got back for another ultrasound in 3 days

Re: Nothing seen in ultrasound- could it be Ectopic?

  • I started some bleeding last tuesday that turned to spotting then stopped. Went to the doctor and my HCG level was 22,000 and my Progesterone level was low. Had another blood test thursday but never got those results back (in time).

    Sat I started bleeding again, which turned to spotting and then late that night had stopped. 

    Yesterday I went into the hospital. I was having severe abdominal pain. Ultrasound tech didn't see my baby. Turns out baby implanted in my left tube and my tube ruptured that morning. I still had no bleeding, but there was blood in my uterus from the ruptured tube.

    My doctor was called and I getting ready for surgery. They removed my left tube (and baby) yesterday. I had to get 3 incisions in my stomach. That was how they saw my baby, they had to go in through my stomach to see in the tubes. Told me ultrasound doesn't usually pick up baby in the tubes.
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