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Weekly Bitchfest 6/17

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TTC 1/2012
Diagnosed : unexplained infertility
6 rounds of IUI and a MC 2/2014, rainbow twins 4/2015
TTC #3 5/2016
Restarted Fertility tx
IUI 2 rounds, baby girl 12/17


Re: Weekly Bitchfest 6/17

  • I dunno if this is bitchfest but I am 30weeks today and petrified of giving birth. This is my 3rd baby, I make giant babies (DS1 8lb.1oz and DS2 9.8lbs) everyone keeps telling me this one will be bigger to look out! So I’m scared. I don’t feel prepared, I’m so emotional, in pain.. blah blah.. 
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  • @mia8263 I hear you there! Up until now, 31 weeks tomorrow, I was so excited but now reality is setting in that it is getting closer and I get more anxious about it day by day. I am a FTM so I have an idea of what to expect from apps and my friends who have recently been pregnant, but no two births are the same. Best of luck to you!
  • @wabash15 I had an 8yr break inbetween my first two but now it’s only 2 years and the memories are still live lol 

    @brianalee2984 good luck! I hope you have a nice delivery! 
  • My stepdad thinks he can't text my husband while hes at work so he asks me to forward everything. I told him don't count on it! Just text him yourself! Why make extra work for me? 
  • @mia8263 I'm with you on feeling scared about giving birth, 33+1 today and like @brianalee2984 a FTM, I go from really wanting these babies out (twins), to really anxious about how to get through that.. Best of luck to you ladies ❤️

    @wabash15 that's a wonderful daily reminder to self- my body was made for this.. thanks Mama
  • Well I am totally at the point I want this baby out. Have been having period like cramps and lower back pain. Vaginal spasms if you can call them that. And nauseated. Am 32 weeks along as of today. I can’t sleep and am just plain miserable. I have a doctors appt today and hope there is something he can recommend to make my pain a bit better.. I think I will just have to suck it up tho.. oh and the Braxton Hicks are everting I make any major position change like standing up etc and when I have to pee and every other small reason I will have one. 
  • jrm_14jrm_14 member
    @wabash15!Anither thanks for the reminder our bodies were made
    for this. It’s starting to get pretty real. 

    BF- Why has my nausea & vomiting  ramped way back up in the past week?  Go. Away. 

  • @jrm_14 with this pregnancy and my last one the nausea/dry heaving has come back in the third tri... thankfully  not as bad as the 1st tri but man it just feels cruel. 
    TTC 1/2012
    Diagnosed : unexplained infertility
    6 rounds of IUI and a MC 2/2014, rainbow twins 4/2015
    TTC #3 5/2016
    Restarted Fertility tx
    IUI 2 rounds, baby girl 12/17

  • @wabash15 - Oh nooooo. So sorry to hear :( Hopefully you can find a remedy soon. 
    **History in Spoiler**
    Me-35, DH-36 - TTC since 08/10
    Me - anovulatory, non-Insulin PCOS, DH - low end of "normal" sperm count
       IUI#1   - 02/15 - Cancelled due to scrubbed sperm count <1MM
       IVF#1  - 08/15 - 13x5-day blastocysts (ranging from AA-BB, most are 5 or 6), not PGS, on ice
       FET#1 - 10/15 - 1 emb - BFP (DD 07/16) (estrace + PIO sesame oil + prometrium)
       FET#2 - 07/17 - 1 emb - BFN (estrace + PIO sesame oil + prometrium)
       FET#3 - 08/17 - 1 emb - BFN (estrace + PIO sesame oil + prometrium)
       FET#4 - 10/17 - 2 emb - BFN (changed to estrace + prometrium because of allergic reaction to PIO sesame oil)
    ERA Testing - 12/17 - window moved (-1 day)
       FET#5 - 03/18 - 2 emb - BFN (estrace + prometrium, ERA-timing used)
    Karyotype Testing - 04/18 - Negative (we're ok)
       FET#6 - 06/18 - 2 emb - BFN (estrace + prometrium, ERA-timing used)
       FET#7 - 10/18 - 2 emb - BFN (estrace + prometrium, ERA-timing used)
       FET#8 - 11/18 - 2 emb - BFP; looks like one baby is going to make it, DD is due 8/16 (though likely to be 8/9)

  • I’m super irritated with the hubby!! I’m just about 31 weeks, my baby shower is this weekend and I’ve been asking him to put together the nursery for over a month now. Every day he has had off of work he just does his own thing, fishing, hanging with friends, wash his truck, yard work...... nothing to do with the nursery!! After my complaining he finally put the crib together but... the dresser/changing table needs done!! He just won’t do it and idk why?! He keeps saying I’ll get it done, but I am the type who likes to be prepared! I want everything done in plenty of time before the baby comes. 
    Being high risk (diabetic and high bp) I just have a feeling our little man will arrive early. I try to explain that to him and I get nowhere!! Any advice?! Thanks!!
  • @lindsmarie85 How frustrating, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm the same way- I just need to know there's a room ready in case I'm early, and I've been a stress case about it. My husband helped with the initial office clean out and the crib building (we both did that), and then I've done 100% everything else- building the changing table, the nursery organizer, washing the clothes and organizing, decorating, purchasing, etc. Once that baby shower happened for me, I was so overwhelmed with the generous gifts that the room was a mess and overflowed. It's definitely smarter to have the big stuff built already before the flood of presents. LOL.

    Just put a time frame on him. "Hey, the dresser and changing table need to get done this week by Friday evening before the baby shower. What day can we schedule it for so I can help?" And then remind him again day of so it's set in stone. 
  • @lindsmarie85 you know my husband?? Same boat I’m in. So annoying. 
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