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Placenta Previa 1st pregnancy? So many questions :)

This is my first pregnancy and for the most part everything has been going well. I feel good, morning sickness was bearable, etc. At the 20 wk ultrasound they said it looked like i had a previa, told me to take it easy and they'd monitor, and said a c-section was on the table. I just had my 26 week scan and the previa hasn't moved so its becoming more and more likely it won't and that I'll have a c-section, which I can come to terms with. I'm mostly scared about the possibility of lots of bleeding post surgery (like transfusion worthy scary amounts) and any effect on ability to have future children. Obviously I'm going to go to my next appt with a bunch of questions but I was curious if anyone other FTMs went theough a previa and their experiences? So far no bleeding or anything so fingers crossed on that one :) Thanks! 
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