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At the Breast VS Pumping and Bottling

Hi, everyone! 

I know the amazing health benefits of breast milk and am currently breastfeeding my new son (June 5! 😊). However, I am wondering if there are any benefits to having him stay at the breast or if I can pump some of the time so that my husband can participate in feedings. Your thoughts?


Re: At the Breast VS Pumping and Bottling

  • Hey! So I’ve always been told no pacifiers or bottles till they are six weeks old so there is no nipple confusion. Which could make breastfeeding hard. 
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    My DD (4 months) has transitioned back and forth from breast to bottle. We had to start with bottles because she had trouble latching. Then introduced a nipple shield which helped with her latch. Now she can do either breast or bottle with no issues. My DH would do at least one night feeding and he loved the chance to bond with her and I appreciated the sleep!
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    I was also previously told no bottle or paci until 6 weeks, but my LO liked to nurse or drink from the bottle without any confusion.  It's awesome to have hubby help with feedings BUT to maintain supply I'd still need to get up and pump at some point, so that kind of defeated the purpose for us. 
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