3rd Trimester


have a question.... I have been super itchy for about 4 days now. My hands, legs, feet, belly... you name it! Its driving me insane. I was put on Glyburide last week due to my Gestational Diabetes... could this be a side effect? Or is it normal to just itch this late in pregnancy? This is my 3rd pregnancy but the first time with twins so I am unsure what to expect. I have an appointment Wednesday for a regular check up but I dont know if my sanity will last that long with this itch!


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    Itchiness of the extremities in particular can be a sign of cholestasis, which is dangerous to the baby. Definitely talk to your doctor. 
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    Could be PUPPP. I had it at the end of my first pregnancy, which was with twins. Drove me crazy. Talk to your doctor. They'll be able to tell you if that's what it is. 
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    kiki75kiki75 member
    I would go ahead and call the nurse line today. Because, like @lovesclimbing said, it can be a symptom of cholestasis I would not mess around and I wouldn’t wait until your appointment.
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    @aylamoosmommy how are you now dear?  Itchiness gone I hope?  What did the doctors say?  Mine is different though - just itchy varicose veins.  I would like to know how to get rid of the itchiness though.  I hope you are okay.

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