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DOR IVF success

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I wanted to share my story because these message boards were so helpful to me during IVF. I am 33 and realized I am DOR (AMH level of 0.38-0.41 after TTC for 1 year. I started IVF right after diagnosis and my doctor put me on a very aggressive stimulation (750 ml of Gonal for 3 days, then down to 450 ml + 325 ml of menopur). Even with all of that, I only had 2 eggs developing and my estrogen was realllly slow to start rising. I got really down but my doctor said he would not cancel me, he told me to talk to my eggs and tell them they have a wonderful life ahead. Of the 2 eggs that were retrieved, only 1 became an embryo, but it was a Blast and is now a growing baby! I just wanted to share that there is hope despite the odds! Best of luck to everyone out there!
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