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Sibling's name is Camryn
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Potential Baby Girl Name? 31 votes

3% 1 vote
16% 5 votes
41% 13 votes
3% 1 vote
3% 1 vote
32% 10 votes

Re: Potential Baby Girl Name?

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    mb0112mb0112 member
    I voted for Claire. I also like Cara but it feels too similar to Camryn. 

    I like Lauren. I wouldn’t spell it Lauryn.

    Megan is fine just very common in 30-something’s so it may feel like a mom name to her.
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    Megan would be my only choice. As it's not too matchy with your other name and it's actually spelled correctly and its refreshing to see/hear.  

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    Lauren, if you spell it this way.
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    What about the spelling Caitlyn? I like matchy names though so I don't know if that's your style
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    I voted Claire. Lauren (spelled this way) would be my number 1 with Camryn.
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    Lauren would have been my choice if it were spelled correctly. Since not, I went with Claire
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