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  • I'm definitely feeling judged after some groups have called confessions lame. Mine is lame but it's still a confession:

    I started crying and saying how i can't take off another day of work before my baby arrives when my appliances were delivered but couldn't be installed due to time restriction. (They freaking showed up at 4:45) As my post in randoms states, i'm taking off lots of other time and my schedule is flexible but it's not my fault you give me a 12-2 delivery window, show up at 4:45 and don't have time to update the gas line to code.  Sad part--it didn't work, I still don't have the appliances installed.  
  • CbeanzCbeanz member
    Lame schmame.

    My confession is that I'm "working from home" today so that I can finish my non-work-related homework for the classes I'm taking.  I don't know how I am going to get everything done.  But my hour roundtrip commute was going to be one less hour I have in the day to work on this shit.  I feel like I'm becoming worthless on all fronts.
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  • Just finished presenting at a seminar. I was elected to present against my will. It went well, but I hated every minute of prep and presentation. If I hadn't been tapped to present, I wouldn't have gone at all. Feeling a little bitter atm.
  • @mamahmh2 good for you! I have stayed pretty faithful to no alcohol, but it has been TOUGH! I love how you said it makes you feel human and not human host. I can relate to that completely. So excited to be able to be me again!!!
  • @cindler kudos to you too then mama! You’re stronger than I ! 
    Oh man. So ready to have autonomy over my own body again and have bebe in my arms for snuggles! Only a little while longer....

    <3 Boden Gray 8-13-16
    <3 BB Girl Expected 7-10-19 

  • @mamahmh2 I have totally been eating sushi through my pregnancy! I was super strict with everything during my first and this time I'm totally slack apparently. I read several articles how women in Japan eat plenty of sushi and they have super healthy babies. I do avoid all the high Mercury fish and just make sure I go to a reputable place. No gas station sushi....I'm not that bad.
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