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Feeling good terrifies me

I had a m/c in March that I found out during the first ultrasound. I had a feeling things weren't going well because none of my symptoms progressed and my breasts had stopped hurting. I also hadn't been waking up in the middle of the night to pee anymore. Ultrasound was at 10 weeks but baby measured 7+3 and obviously no heartbeat.
I took the loss fairly well because of how many friends and family had gone through a loss. Their second pregnancies all were successful. I am now at 6+5 and have way worse symptoms than the last time. Acne all over and can hardly eat because food looks disgusting. I have been trying to be very positive although it has been hard. Today I woke up and actually feel pretty good, and that is what terrifies me. I didn't wake up to pee last night (also didn't drink enough water yesterday either) and I don't really feel sick like I have been. I want to be grateful for days that I feel good but it's scaring me that I will have another missed miscarriage. Any words of advice? 
And as a side note, I am so very sorry you all have experienced this as well. Losing a child is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy and I wish none of you had to go through it.

Re: Feeling good terrifies me

  • I had a complete meltdown last week for the same reason, and still have mild panic on the days when my symptoms aren't horrendous. They usually come back shortly with a vengeance.

    Know they come and go, and try to relax. Easier said than done. While my symptoms had leveled off around 6w last time, they didn't start disappearing until after I started bleeding and literally right before I miscarried (10w4d). 

    *fingers crossed for you*
  • Omg I know!!! I woke up one day feeling great - good mood and everything...and I started to panic. How insane is that?! What kind of world do we live in.
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