September 2019 Moms

September Pineapples — PG admission thread

It’s time to get our PG up and running! 

If you’d like to join, comment here in this thread. Once you leave your comment, @lillywonderland , @zuuls_mom , or I will add “super posters” (people who participate often and regularly) to the PG automatically to get things rolling. 

All other posters will have their names added to a thread in the PG. Once they get 15 love tits, they’ll be added to the group as well. 

After you’re in the PG, you’ll have one week to post a tribute picture. 

Once we have the majority of our members, we’ll all decide on rules, dailies, and other things together. 

Can’t wait to see everyone on the other side!


Re: September Pineapples — PG admission thread

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