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Appointments w/o 6/10

Sorry this is late. Any updates?

Re: Appointments w/o 6/10

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  • I have an ultrasound and OB appointment tomorrow. I can’t wait! I have been having some spotty contractions and losing pieces of my mucus plug the past couple days and I want to know if things are happening down there. 32 weeks today and really hoping to make it to full term this time! 😬😃
  • I have a regular appointment and growth scan on Thursday. Last growth scan he was measuring a few weeks ahead so I'm interested to see if he's still going that direction or if my heart meds are starting to impact his growth (as suspected).
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  • Had NST yesterday with ob and today had high risk appt. all went good. and friday have bpp with ob. since i started insulin for gestational diabetes last week.
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    @AKuzReve Just curious, any idea what the rationale is for the change from 42 to 41?
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    @heml, the placenta starts breaking down and they noticed that the longer they let women go, the more white spots were found in the placenta. The placenta begins to become less effective in providing nutrients to the baby. 

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  • US went well today. Baby is measuring at about 4lbs11oz and is head down. One more ultrasound scheduled for 36 weeks if I make it that long! 

    OB appointment went okay. My OB didn’t want to check my cervix because she “didn’t want to stir things up down there” so I still don’t know if anything is happening. She told me that I should be trying to rest more, which is really easy to do with 6 kids. 😬 Back in the office in two weeks. 
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