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The Insomnia Thread

Why are you up right now?

Re: The Insomnia Thread

  • Technically haven’t gone to bed yet...I am waiting for DS to re-fall asleep after a super duper late poop. Lol. 
  • I have a sudden sore throat and DH is snoring is face off. 😫
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  • There was silence, but now there’s the sound of my dog licking the heck out of his you-know-what. And the birds are starting to chirp outside. Gotta sleep a little more!
  • So tired of being tired. But apparently my brain can't let go of some random moment from a decade ago. 🙄
  • @cheshyre319 was it a stupid and random embarrassing thing that you did? Because those happen to me all the time and I get stuck thinking about it. If it is... tell us!!
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  • @sunshine2417 Of course now I don't remember what it was fixated on 😆
  • Just laying here getting texts from my friend 2 hours behind me about all the small batch experimental gin she’s trying at a distillery. I hate her rn. I don’t drink a lot but I do love high quality gin and she said they had a pineapple chipotle infused gin!? What!? I told her to send me some with her shower gift  :p
  • @cmdesigner That sounds tasty! Do they ship? 😉😆

    I'm wide awake and my hands and feet are wicked swollen tonight. 
  • @cmdesigner mmm that gin sounds amazing. 
    @cheshyre319 I was walking a lot today (yesterday 🤔) and my feet got so swollen! Hope yours get better. 

    I just had a dream in which I was watching some kind of Japanese horror movie. Dream me got too scared and dream DH kept sneaking up on me during the movie scaring the crap outta me. Now I’m wide awake at 3:40am and can’t stop thinking about how I wish I had fruit loops. 
  • @cmdesigner That sounds so good!
  • kdl89kdl89 member
    When you are wide awake thinking about what all needs to be done at work tomorrow and your husband and dog and snoring away next to you. I just want to sleep too!! 
  • Hi @kdl89 I'm up too. Staying at my parents house tonight since my mom has a sleep study for sleep apnea and my dad is currently on a 36 hr chemo treatment and we didn't want him to be alone. I never sleep right without DH. so many things on my mind too. :(

    Also I walked 8 miles a day in FL 2 wks ago with no problem yet now my feet are swollen and look like monster feet......
  • @nightdreamr13 oh man! That’s a lot of life going on all at once! How are you doing? And was yesterday especially hot causing the swell?! 
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  • @sunshine2417 doing well for the most part. My dad was really bad in Nov when he was diagnosed but made a total 180 once he started chemo. He's just now seeing the side effects of chemo but man are they awful. It's hard seeing him go thru this and seeing my mom struggle so much with it.
    Not sure what's causing the swelling but I'm terrified of being put on bed rest before birth. I don't have enough leave for maternity leave not along bed rest. My job and state doesn't give you leave so it's just whatever you've accrued. I've been here less than a yr so....yeahh
  • Ughhhh @nightdreamr13 that’s just so much on your shoulders! It can be so hard to see our parents struggle, especially with health concerns that are out of there control. And in terms of work and maternity leave—yikes! That’s stressful! Are you able to do any form of work from home or modified schedule with your boss?
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  • @sunshine2417 luckily they're letting me work overtime now to accrue comp time. So I'm working 51 to 60 hrs a week right now. When I go back after maternity leave I'll work from home 1 day a wk.
  • @nightdreamr13 wow! Well, that’s nice they’re letting you work it out but man you must be so dang exhausted right now!!! 
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  • @duewithpu2 I’m sorry for the anxiety, but that comic is pure gold 😂
  • @duewithpu2 I’ve never related to a comic so much in my life.
  • Ugh, why these kids gotta be so active at midnight. Every damn night. 
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