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June Appointments

June appointments go here! Yay for the month of the infamous glucose test!!

Re: June Appointments

  • I am going for my glucose test 6/14 bc I wanted to take it before vacation versus after. Then regular appt (woo hoo rhogam shot) on 6/26. 
  • I had my normal 24wk appt (at 25wks, lol) and baby girl kicked the doppler right as the nurse placed it on me - LOL!! 

    I have my order to take to the lab for the glucose test and she said to do in at 26wks. So next weekend? 

    Also started talking about loose birth plans and I’m sad to report our hospital hasn’t upgraded to wireless fetal monitoring in the 2 yrs since DS’s birth. Booo!!
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  • Had our 24w appointment today (Yay it’s finally V-Day!!!) Nothing major just a quick check in, Doppler, measurement, and done. But did set up the 28 appointment which has much more “fun”. Glucose test plus thyroid test and rhogam shot. Yippee.....
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  • Well my chiro appts will be every other week until baby is here. I forgot about that in the third trimester. I'm looking forward to it though!
  • Just had my follow up ultrasound. Unfortunately my placenta didn't move to the desired 2cm from the cervix so I'm still not cleared from the previa. Positive is that the placenta is moving in the right direction. Next ultrasound is scheduled for 4 weeks from now. Guess more pictures of her isn't a bad thing just wish I was fully cleared to do everything again. 

    Next regular appointment is 6/19 and I need to schedule the fun glucose test before I go on vacation. 
  • I habe placenta previa too 👎. Is yours complete? Have you had any bleeding? Im
  • @JuneBaby1984 no mine is marginal. I've had no bleeding or symptoms at all. That's why there not being able to do much was so frustrating to me. My thoughts are it is what it is and I will do whatever is best for my daughter to get here healthy. 
  • kdl89kdl89 member
    Looks like I now get to take iron pills again for this pregnancy but my glucose 1 hour test came back good. My levels are lower then they were with my first pregnancy  here's hoping they raise before little one is born. 
  • @kdl89 That's great your glucose was fine! Iron should be an easy fix I'd think. Take some vitamin c with them for sure. 
  • @kdl89 Hooray for passing! 
  • @kdl89 I'm having to take iron supplements, too! First pregnancy out of 3. My dr recommended the slow release Up&Up brand from issues with those so far!
  • @kdl89 @jaykay2004 I think I’m going to have to take an iron supplement as well. I got an online notification yesterday that I passed the glucose screening but a voicemail today saying to call the nurse practitioner re. my bloodwork. My iron has always been a bit low. 
  • kdl89kdl89 member
    @jaykay2004 my dr recommended a brand can't remember the name but it's what I got. She said they aren't as hard on your stomach. I am just worried about not be able to use the bathroom. With dd I would take a prenatal one day and an iron pill the next as it wasnt that low and I was constipated. This time they told me to take the max dose, I work with nurses so they told be to make sure I drink alot of water and to eat fiber enriched foods while on iron.
  • @kdl89 do you happen to remember what the score was to pass the glucose test? 
  • @septoctkids my 1 hr had to be under 140
  • @septoctkids Same as monkeysmom80. Under 140 to pass.
  • Mine was 135. I know it’s not THAT different, but it’s so strange that this type of thing isn’t standard...
  • @monkeysmom80 @kgg2241 thank you— When I had my son, it was 140 at our office but now they said it has changed to 130. @RedBreast35 I totally agree, im surprised it is not something that is standard. Those few points can make a big difference. My level was 138 when I was pregnant with my son so I’m nervous I won’t pass this time! I go next week for it. We’ll see 🤞🏼
  • kdl89kdl89 member
    @septoctkids ... I live in Canada and I think they measure the test differently. I had a 4.8 for my glucose test and see other wrote it had to be under 140 has me thinking that they measure glucose differently. 
  • @kdl89 that sounds like they tested your a1c. It's a different measure for glucose. It shows a 3 month average.
  • rms924rms924 member
    @monkeysmom80 thanks! I am glad we have experts on the board. 

    Fwiw, under 140 was passing for me too. Also, my iron was low as well, so heeding all the advice re supplements etc 

    @septoctkids when is your test? Good luck!
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  • I just did the glucose test on the 12th. I passed. I have never had a problem with my iron level but i am on an iron supplement because of twins. I was also put on an extra 1mg of folic acid. 

    I have another appointment on the 27th to make sure they are still growing evenly. 
  • kdl89kdl89 member
    @monkeysmom80 .. thats interesting, now I wonder if they test both or just that one. I might have to ask at my next appointment. 
  • @rms924 I would t say I'm an expert but I've taken the glucose test so many times. Just yesterday, I failed my 3hr, which I'm not surprised by. I had GD with my son, my a1c is always borderline prediabetic even when not pregnant, and my whole dad's side has type 2. I have alot of experience with diabetes.
  • rms924rms924 member
    I am so sorry @monkeysmom80. The whole process sucks! What’s next if you fail the 3 hr? Do you need to follow a special diet ? 
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  • I have to meet with a nutritionist. They will tell me the amount of carbs I'm supposed to eat with each meal and snacks. And I'm supposed to test everyday fasting and after my 3 meals. Hopefully I can control by just diet which I was able to do before.
  • @monkeysmom80 good luck! I've never had GD, but I have to retake my 1-hr tomorrow, and if I fail, we'll treat it like GD instead of having to re-do the 3-hour as well. I may be looking to you for tips!
  • cmdesignercmdesigner member
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    So, I had my midwife appointment and US with my MFS. I’m going to start my 2-week monitoring of my glucose levels. The midwife appointment was boring, I just had to go get bloodwork to confirm the RH- stuff and check my iron since I tend to randomly fall anemic. 

    My MFS dropped a bomb on me, though. I was informed that I won’t be allowed to go past my due date because of my bariatric surgery. It’s too high of a risk for major complications with me and my LO. So, she’s either coming early or on her due date. I’m still kind of processing all of this. My MFS said that she’s already on the bigger side (but not too big) so she isn’t overly concerned but I am (much to my chagrin) a high risk pregnancy and will be treated as such. She did say I can still go for a water birth and put me at ease about that. 

    I’m bummed that I may not get the chance to go into spontaneous labor, but I’ll do anything to make sure we are both safe and healthy! One upside is the planner in me was like “oh yeah, now I know what is going down.” lol 

    long story short: let’s all collectively think positive thoughts and urge baby girl to feel the pull of the full moon the week before her due date ;)
  • @cmdesigner I totally understand how you are feeling. I won't be allowed to go past my due date either and might be induced early because of heart problems (me, not baby). I've had a lot longer to wrap my mind around it, but it definitely makes me sad that I might miss the spontaneous "I think I'm in labor" moment. I know in the end it really doesn't matter how she gets here, but just know that I completely get it. 💕
  • I had my 28-week appointment on Tuesday. Oooof. My regular OB got called to an emergency c-section, so I had to see another guy--who happens to be retiring in September. First of all, u/s shows baby in the 90th percentile...wut?!? I've never had a big baby! Got my rhogam and TDAP shots, but then I had to see this cuckoo doctor. He was insisting that I had to deliver at 36 weeks just because of my age, and he refused to read my was a hot mess. Anyway, not delivering at 36 weeks unless something happens between now and then, but I was so pissed. I work at this health system and I can only imagine what other patients must think of their experience with him if they don't work here and know his quirks. o.O 
  • @jaykay2004 Welcome to the 90th percentile club. I am also carrying a chonker. But I am not really surprised, MH was 10lb 3oz and I was 9lb 6oz. Sorry about the hot mess of an appointment! My midwife appt was a bit weird yesterday, too. They are changing to a new computer system and I saw one of the older midwives. She was very much "I have no clue what is going on because I don't understand this computer system yet" so I had to tell her my history so she knew what was going on. 
  • @cmdesigner I will commiserate with you on the whole not going past due date.  For me it's because of AMA and GD, 2 things that can cause the placenta to start breaking down early.  Hopefully, it will be a non-issue for you and she comes a bit early though. 
  • @kdl89 Canada does use a different measurement.  They measure glucose in mmol/L and the US measures it in mg/dL so that accounts for the difference. 
    @cmdesigner Add me to the not allowed to go past due date.  Mine is for AMA. The doc said she wouldn't let me go past 39 weeks.
  • @jaykay2004 36 weeks because of your age!? YIKES. And not reading your chart is ridiculous. So glad he is retiring! My original OB is retiring in Aug. and I knew I needed to make a switch purely because he was kinda checked out. Still competent though! lol
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  • So I had my follow up scan with MFM.  At my last scan I was diagnosed with a velamentous cord insertion and vasa previa (both of which were not seen at my anatomy scan at the OB's office).  The scan today was at my OB's office but with a MFM doctor who comes up once a month.  He didn't see either the velamentous cord insertion or vasa previa. He compared it to my anatomy scan (didn't have access to the MFM scan) and said that everything was fine and I don't need any more scan until 32 weeks to check growth (which is normal to check given my age).  I'm glad everything appears good but it's still a little disconcerting that the doctors don't agree.
  • @sparkles5275 I would be a bit confused as well! You wouldn't think it would be that difficult to tell if you have the Vasa Previa at least! I know it took them a lot time to zero in on where my cord was (velamentous cord insertion here as well). I would raise your concerns because it's kind of a big deal!
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  • @zuuls_mom I trust that he got the vasa previa (or lack of) correct.  They said the cord could move so perhaps it has.  What is concerning is the cord insertion.  They were having a difficult time seeing today because the baby is twice the size now.  So that's why he looked at the scan done at the OB's office where they didn't see it.  But he didn't have access to the MFM where they did see it.  He spent a lot of time today looking so I'm hoping he's right. I'll be clarifying with my OB at my next appt in a couple of weeks.
  • @cmdesigner I'll be thinking those thoughts for you! They won't let me go past my due date either (AMA), and I get what you're feeling. I was induced last time at 41 weeks, and have always felt it was the right move for the circumstances, but am really hoping labor starts naturally this time, even though I know there are so many scenarios that can come up between now and 40 weeks and that as long as she and I come through the delivery OK that's all that matters.
    @jaykay2004 oh wow - I had a weird appointment a couple months ago but this puts that in all kinds of perspective. Do some people have that guy as their primary OB?! What a thought!!
    @sparkles5275 that is disconcerting. You'd think he'd want to consult the MFM scan even if he couldn't get a look at it until later. Good luck at your next appointment!
  • @ternsetc Yes, he is the main OB for many patients! Scary thought. Since I work here, I happened to be in a meeting with our chief quality officer about something else, and I just brought it up in passing, like an FYI, this is going on kind of thing... she was not surprised at all, hinted at the fact he has been having some dementia-like issues and they are going to ask him to stop practicing within the next two weeks. o.O
  • @jaykay2004 Whaaa?! 

    I had my 27w/ glucose appointment today. My belly which is huge and everyone likes to remind me of is measuring 27w, so HA! I'm normal!
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