HDBD 6/5 — The Bump
July 2019 Moms

HDBD 6/5

It's bump day! Where's all the bumps at??

Re: HDBD 6/5

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  • leylea89leylea89
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    Why does this app hate me? I actually looked Pregonin a pic today! 😩

  • STM, 35+4 today. I don’t feel like I’ve gotten any bigger, but I feel like little dude is running out of room! 2-3 more weeks! 
  • CbeanzCbeanz
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    @mamahmh2 love your dress! Is it wearable post partum? If so where'd you find it?
  • mamahmh2mamahmh2
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    @Cbeanz thanks, it was a target find and so so comfy! It’s the Isabel brand. The way it’s cut I’d assume I could wear it postpartum as well but I haven’t had it that long so haven’t had the opportunity yet. However lately I’ve been living in it!

    <3 Boden Gray 8-13-16
    <3 BB Girl Expected 7-10-19 

  • kingdommomkingdommom
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    edited June 8
    Sorry this is so late lol! Posted on fb but forgot to post here. 34 weeks 4 days here.
    (Ugh, sorry it didn't load right. See below👇)
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