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When should I consider induction?

Hey all, I'm new here and just about to give birth,  so not quite ready with all the questions yet,  but love reading yours so far! 

One question though - I'm now 41weeks + 3days, and still no sign of bubs. Think I've dropped a little,  but still carrying fairly high and am able to do whatever I want as I've been blessed with zero issues. I'm feeling like movement is down,  he's squirming,  but not the big movements like last week. Is this normal? 

When should I consider induction? Anyone had experience using acupuncture as a natural induction method? 


Re: When should I consider induction?

  • My Dr won't let anyone pass the 42 week mark, but she typically induces after 40 weeks. I'm no Dr, but I have heard that after 42 weeks your placenta can start declining with nutrients to the baby, so I would definitely seek out some medical advice to make sure you baby doesn't get put at risk of nutrient deficiency. 
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    @spiritualnomad - I agree with @BlondePeanut above.  I'd ask the MD, but IMO you are approaching a very reasonable time to induce.  Regarding movement, my babies always get squirmier but less good kicks as time goes on -  just due to lack of space. Your MD can always evaluate to make sure everything looks good.
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  • I agree with both of the above. My OB said they wouldn't let me go past 41w+2 days. I'm currently at 40+3 days. Getting impatient!
  • I'm 40w2d, with a scheduled induction next Tuesday, when I'll be exactly 41 weeks. I'm 40, so I'm already pushing it with the 41 week induction and frankly losing some sleep over it. I was hoping to start the induction on Sunday night or Monday morning, but there were no openings then.

    If you feel a decrease in movement at this point, I would err on the side of caution and go to L&D or your clinic for a biophysical profile and non-stress test.
  • I hate being pregnant, so at 39 weeks (the earliest they'll let me) I ask to get the baby out! This is my 3rd and I scheduled the evacuation day at 20 weeks. 😄 Get that baby out!
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