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No child care and they won't induce!

I got to a practice with 1 Doc, and 3 midwives. The midwife I usually see told me both at 37 and 38 weeks they will induce me in my 39th week as I have pubic symphysis disfunction (my pelvic bone is literally tearing in half) AND i have 2 toddlers to care for. My husband works long hours, often 7 days a week as he owns his own business and is a contractor. Needless to say, I have no damn help. Today was my 39 week check up. Different midwife. Said she wont schedule induction until I'm 40 weeks. Already i was pissed. Well, I call my mother-in-law to tell her as she's keeping my 3 kids while I'm in the hospital. Apparently she won't even be around at all to watch them during that time (as I've been told for weeks i'd have her this week garunteed). I'm in tears. I'm frustrated. I'm in SO much pain. and I will literally end up giving birth alone in my bathroom if they seriously refuse to speed it up. I'm effaced. I'm dilated 2 and a half cm. THIS IS MY 4TH. There's no damn reason to wait a week. why would they put me at risk like this for nothing? becuase the slight chance of c section?!

Re: No child care and they won't induce!

  • @NateKlages that sounds like a really stressful situation - I can only imagine how it must feel to be in it!
    i wish I had advice but I just wanted to say you have every right to feel frustrated and overwhelmed.
    As difficult as it may be, I hope you can find a few quiet moments a day to tune in and remember your own inner strength. You’ve made it this far!! Hang in there 💜💜
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