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Accepting Weight Gain while Pregnant

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I'm 5'3 and maintained a healthy weight in the mid-120s until my early 30s. At thirty I just started gaining weight and had no success keeping it off. I hit my highest weight last fall at 32 and found out this spring that I'm pregnant. I should just be focused on a healthy pregnancy,  but I am terrified of gaining more weight and not being able to come back after the baby. I'm only 5'3 so extra weight does not look good or sit comfortably on me. Before pregnancy I was 158 at my highest. I'm 11 weeks and up to 163. At 5'3 this is very uncomfortable. I know to stay activce and eat balanced but weight gain seems inevitable.  I'm obviously not trying to diet or count calories while pregnant. What I really want to know is how other women have dealt with/accepted the weight gain and body changes.  On top of all the hormones/stress dreading my  body doesn't need to be part of the experience.

Re: Accepting Weight Gain while Pregnant

  • Counseling. The stress of pregnancy and the anxiety over weight gain you are feeling can be extremely overwhelming. I seriously think counseling is a very helpful option to help process the body changes, teach you coping mechanisms to use if you begin to become stressed over upset over weight gain. 

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  • You need to start loving and nourishing your body. Stop focusing on weight gain and focus on high nutrient foods as well as eating smaller amounts more frequently. View exercise as preparation for labour, you want to be strong and mobile because you're preparing for a marathon. 

    Prior to my first pregnancy I was at my highest weight, I gained 40 lbs and lost 35 almost instantly. My body changed a lot during pregnancy so my weight sat better on me after pregnancy but I've always been self conscious about my belly. Proper, safe postpartum exercise helped to retain my core/posture which helped a ton. I suck at losing weight so I have no advice there except that I lose weight following an attempt to lose weight when I stop caring, haha. 
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