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Why my pregnant self is crying w/o 5/31/19

Sorry guys, I missed posting this last week. What's got the tears flowing? 

Me: 37 | DH: 35 
BFP #1 5/14/17 (EDD 1/24/18) MMC Confirmed 6/13/17
BFP #2 8/12/17 ended in CP 8/20/17
BFP #3 10/12/17, EDD 6/27/18, hCG drop and no fetal development at 6w, D&C 11/3/17
BFP #4 4/21/18, EDD 1/3/19, mc due to Trisomy 22 after HB stopped at 8w 
Sept 2018 ER - 15R, 10M, 10F, 9 blasts, 5 PGS normal
Transfer of 1 PGS normal embryo leading to BFP #5, baby boy EDD 8/29/19 

Re: Why my pregnant self is crying w/o 5/31/19

  • TLDR at bottom.
    So the other day, I was with DH and dog in the basement, and realized that our wedding sand ceremony frame looked different.
    (We had guests pour sand into a frame at our wedding, then DH and I each poured layers of sand. We decided to pour a thin layer each anniversary until the frame is filled. We poured on our anniversary on May 13.)
    I also noticed the bottles of sand had significantly different amounts of sand in them. And DH had obsessively made sure they were even after our addition a week earlier.

    Our families know how important this is to us. And the only other people who had been in our house were the buyers. DH kept trying to convince me that it hadn't been touched. But you could CLEARLY see extra lines (too many years!!) And that the 2 new lines were HUGE comparered to the others.
    DH was gonna text the buyers to ask what the fuck they were thinking.
    I was livid. Shaking mad. Ready to cancel the sale. (Yes....irrational. I'm aware).

    I figured before I blew up on them, I should make SURE no one in the family had touched it. My mom had been packing in the basement the day before. So I called her. When I asked if she had poured sand in our ceremony frame, she replied "I dunno...did I?!"
    I literally saw red. Started shouting, saying "seriously. I need to know because we are about to reem out our buyers and cancel the sale!"
    She admitted it. I couldn't even speak to her. I told her we would talk later, and hung up. 
    Burst into tears and cried for 20+ min. There's no way to undo it. It just felt like it was ruined. Couldn't fathom why she would have done it.

    I ended up thanking DH for not telling me I was being stupid/irrational/over reacting. He was very supportive. Even though I KNOW it was an over reaction.

    TLDR: my mom ruined our wedding sand ceremony, and I almost cancelled the sale of my house over it.
  • Oh, I also cried at work during a presentation about a 10 yo boy who died in his sleep, and his sister noticed, dad started CPR and called 911 and we revived him. He's ok and was at the ceremony.

    And then an hour ago, reading notes on a call and finding out a coworker had been assaulted by a patient, bad enough they required another ambulance emergency response. Not knowing what happened to a friend.... = Tears.

    Anyway...it's a good thing I'm not working on the ambulance these days. I'm an emotional wreck 😂
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  • aecmaecm member
    @chillycanadian I’m so sorry about your wedding sand. That’s the kind of thing I would totally flip out over (pregnant or not). I’m kinda rage-y for you at the moment. 
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  • @chillycanadian That's terrible! FWIW, I don't think you overreacted, that was an important keepsake and I would have been just as upset.
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  • I cried yesterday because DH didn’t want to have lunch with me on HIS birthday. I’m such a brat. Turns out he really wanted to take a nap. 🙄🙄
  • Literally started crying for no reason this morning. Then again on the way to the park. I'm tired guys. So so tired.
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