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2nd Trimester

SCH Questions, Who can relate?

Hi all,

I am 13 weeks along and last Thursday I found out that I am Rh negative due to some SCH I went in about that night. They told me baby boy is fine and gave me the rhogam shot, however I experienced slight bleeding, way way less than that night at the ER, but I just want some comfort in knowing that I am not the only one. This is my first pregnancy and it’s just so scary because nobody talks about these things. All they talk about are the pretty parts of pregnancy. I also have had no cramping. 

Re: SCH Questions, Who can relate?

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    I am also 13 weeks and went to the ER for a SCH during my 11th week. Some bleeding or spotting after the diagnosis is normal. I was told as long as it wasn’t a huge amount and I wasn’t cramping that it was fine. Rest as much as you can and it should heal up.
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