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Any babies born yet??

I know we’re all getting close.. wanted to see if anyone has had their little one yet! 

Re: Any babies born yet??

  • Had my little one this morning at 5. ❤️
  • Congrats! I'm due today, but no signs yet 
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  • Not yet!! Due June 21st. I’m becoming very impatient lol 
  • I'm 40w2d, have an induction scheduled for Tuesday if it doesn't happen by then. I'll be 41 weeks (and at age 40, that's pretty late).
  • I'm 40w4d. I go in Monday (41w) for a check up and was told I would only be allowed to go to 41w2d. Hoping she comes before then!
  • @tkbmama fingers crossed for your bub to come before 41w2d!

    My Tuesday appointment was somehow "misplaced" and the only other one available was apparently Sunday, so that's when I go... A little bummed, because I won't be 41 weeks yet, and the baby is "as healthy as can be" according to the doctor who read my non-stress test output today.

  • meet baby Iris, born June 7th, 7.10pm, 7lbs 12oz, and 21.5 inches long!
  • Oh my goodness you ladies are troopers! I had this little guy right before 39 weeks. We had a complication at birth hence the blue and bruising.
  • Baby Margaret was born a few days early on 5/30! I can’t believe she will be two weeks tomorrow!
  • I’m scheduled for a c-section on the 18th....if I make it until then. 
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    Henry was born on June 6th! 6lbs 14 oz 19 in 💙
  • wisehwiseh member
    I welcomed my little cherub on the 30th of May at 22:23. IOL due to reduced foetal movements and suspect macrosemic - she weighed a healthy 4.088kg (9lb). She got very stuck in my pelvis due to rotating into a DOP position during labour and after a lot of unsuccessful manual manipulation it was decided that a c-section was our best and safest option as she had retreated back out of my pelvis and he heart rate wasn't coming down below 200bpm. Was a great decision because she had passed meconium during the labour process and her head was extremely moulded, almost to the point of causing damage. 3 weeks down, 3 to go until I can become my independent self again!

    Good luck to those who are yet to have their babes :smile:
  • My due date was June 8th. I had my son, Kason on June 15th at 3:58pm (41 weeks exactly). Went without an epidural and only a small amount of pain med through IV at the end.
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