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Can I clean this baby out of me? Haha my husband thinks I’ve gone absolutely nuts as I have cleaned everything in my house including giving a bath to both my dogs. I’m 38 weeks today and ready whenever this baby boy is. Anybody else nesting as bad as me? 

Re: Nesting

  • tkbmamatkbmama member
    I cleaned a bunch a couple of weeks ago for our shower. Then this weekend I cleaned for 6 hours but it took A LOT of motivation to get myself to do it. There was no dying urge to clean like I hear about as a prelabor sign. 
  • I certainly have a list of things that need to get done, but I’m struggling with getting the motivation to do it. I’m 36+3 and I feel like I’m going to give birth at any minute lol 
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  • That’s definitely where I have been with lack of motivation to get things done. So it kind of surprised me that I wanted too and by the time I started I couldn’t stop! I just went with it in hopes that I would have my baby. But he’s not budging. Haha yeah I totally understand you there! 
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