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Re: Weekly Questions 5/26

  • So for the last..2? Days, I've been getting occasional sudden sharp, brief pains on either side of my uterus. It doesn't come with what I recognize as baby kicking, though I've assumed it's cuz baby is poking something and it's tender. Although now as I write this, I'm wondering if maybe it's just RLP. Seems way higher up than what I was getting in first Tri, but...everything is shifted and expanded so a new location might make sense. 
    Anyone else having anything similar to this? Or had it in the past?
     I see my OB again on Friday, and it's so intermittent and short lived that I am not concerned enough to call (unless other symptoms show up too). But I'm curious
  • cato99cato99 member
    @chillycanadian that sounds exactly like the ligament pains I’ve been having a lot! Sharp and on the sides of the belly, like a “stitch” when you run too fast. I’m sorry and welcome to this terrible club. My OB said it’s normal, and then at the exact same time I said “and it’s going to get better?” she said “and it’s going to get worse” so we both laughed. Try to wear support garments like belts and stuff. Mine mainly appear while I’m exercising, but I get them other times if I’ve been overdoing it that day with work or stress or being on my feet. 
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  • Thank you @cato99! I know I'm a little over paranoid, so it's super helpful to know I'm not alone, and that it's probably normal pains!
  • I have no idea what this is but it feels like a tearing/burning feeling in the front of my abdomen.  Maybe RLP but I’ve never had it this high/this painful? It’s also beside my belly button area instead of the sides. I have a midwife appt today so I’ll ask but holy hell - it hurt. Seems to have gotten a bit better with some sleep. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • Ok. You ladies made me feel better. I’m struggling to get 64oz a day and find myself chugging water at the end of the night to get there
  • aecmaecm member
    @AKuzReve Might be diastasis recti (aka - your abdominal muscles splitting apart!). Isn’t pregnancy joyful? 😜
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  • @purplg8r I find what helps me the most with water intake is having a water bottle that I only have to fill a few times to get 64oz. The one I use most often is 24 ounces. So I only have to refill 3 times. And I always refill it first thing in the morning. And then try to ideally refill around lunch. And then again before supper. And then i fill is before bed so I can take meds. It works for me most days 
  • @aecm, I thought so too and did the check and I don’t think it’s that. They don’t seem separated. It’s so strange. Pregnancy is such an adventure lol. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • lemnutlemnut member
    I definitely experienced round ligament pain in my first pregnancy (looking forward to it again in this one).  The support belt I got REALLY helped.  It's the Modern Devil pregnancy support belt.. got it on Amazon.. it was a lifesaver..also has an adorable little devil design on the belt which made me comfortable wearing it even if it showed through my clothing.  Also helped flatten my postpartum abs.  Other than that my OB said Tylenol might help.  Didn't do much for me but worth a shot :)
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