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All Groups Check In - Week of May 26

Anyone still lurking? Happy Memorial Day weekend! What are your plans? Any birth announcements or birth stories to share?

I am 35+2. Just had a fun baby sprinkle with friends yesterday (this is my second). Hoping that this baby boy comes a litte bit early since I seem to have big babies. We are just taking it easy this weekend and attempting to get our house, kitchen and nursery in order. We are just on the tail end of an extensive home remodel. I am stressing out that I can't fully nest yet!!

Hope all you mamas are doing well!
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Re: All Groups Check In - Week of May 26

  • Sunshine4020Sunshine4020 member
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    PS - still interested in being invited to the FB group if anybody has that info :)
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  • Still semi-lurking. 35 weeks today. Everything is prepped and ready for baby girl to come. I have a cervical check next week. My first came at 39 weeks on the dot so I'm guessing I will probably go around 38/39 weeks but who knows. I am carrying super low right now. Have my last ultrasound Friday for a last check of baby's measurements. Maternity leave in 2 weeks unless we get a surprise of her coming before then. 

    No plans for Memorial day weekend. I'm working today and tomorrow. Family is having a bbq right now so DH and DD are there enjoying our hottest day of the season so far. It's 86 degrees today
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  • jbm925jbm925 member
    Here on and off as well. 35 weeks today. Feeling the 9 month fatigue set it. Leaving the bed feels like an Olympic sport - plus rainy weather makes it hard to motivate today, but trying to stay in there with exercise and keeping active - I've been on a great regular exercise and walking routine since week 23 weeks and don't want to blow it all up now....  

    Next week is my last (short) week before mat leave, and of course the washer broke, and a million other random expenses came up so I'm stressing out about staying in our saved budged for my leave. Murphy's law I guess.  Hoping baby comes 1-2 weeks early (fathers day would be so cool!) not because I want to rush things (likely our last pregnancy, so a bit bittersweet it is near it's end), but realistically my larger size babies aren't making for easy deliveries and my OB agrees that 38-39 weeks would be ideal.  Plus if baby was closer to 3 whole months for our travel plans in the fall it would make me less anxious about everything.

  • I’ve only been checking into the group for the last month or so, doesn’t look like I missed too much!

    @jbm925 leaving bed does feel like an Olympic sport! It’s hard to roll out of bed for me these days.. 39 weeks tomorrow. It’s my first, so no idea when to expect him! Started a medical leave at 36 weeks- due to very painful SPD, and having a physical job. So I’ve been doing a lot of nesting, as well as, spending time with hubby. 
    Had some prodromal labour last week.. nothing since, other than tons of Braxton Hicks daily.
     Hope everyone else enjoys getting onto the maternity leaves!
  • @jbm925 oh man I feel that! I have to take breaks doing just about anything and everything. I am starting to get so limited in what I can and can't do physically.

    I am also hoping for a Fathers Day baby. My daughter was born at 41+1 and was 9lbs 8oz. I am hoping this baby boy comes a few weeks early so he is only like 8.5lbs instead of 10! 🤞🤞
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  • Still occasionally lurking as well and feeling the same - large and tired! I have about 10 days to the due date.
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